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The Books

The poems herein were written live on-the-spot for strangers on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Poet Frankie Abralind sits at a folding table on occasional weekend afternoons with a sign that says “Free Custom Poetry” and the menu above.


All sorts of people stop to talk.


5" x 8"; Black & White; 36 pages. ©2014 Frankie Abralind

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This full-color coffee table book catalogs several months of Free Custom Poetry, complete with photos of each person who stopped and their story.


One young lady requested a Seuss-style poem about the poet himself. This is what she got (see also p. 1):

Deep in the grickle grass someone is standing
Muses are launching and poems are landing
Twenty-six black and white keys clicky-clacking
No strangers in old Dupont Circle go lacking

Where do they come from, all these great idears?
Facial expressions suggest whirring gears
And then, in a flash, the man puts down his pen
Takes a picture, he smiles and is at it again!


8.25" x 9.75"; Color; 152 pages. ©2013 Frankie Abralind

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